Thursday, 21 August 2014

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Digital is ruling every aspect of your world you would see how important digital is to the present audience. If you are not present on the digital web world, you are certainly missing out on something. Establishing a digital presence is extremely important. It is not mere presence that is important you need to create something that goes more than just presence.  Web Application Development Company in India  focuses on that aspect of digital web presence. With the right variety of application, you can create the perfect web presence for your brand or organization. What is really important to have a unique web presence is good traffic that comes to your website. To achieve good number of visitors on your website, you need to have a good speed on your website. Here are some tips that will help you improve the speed of your website. All the tips mentioned here have been tried successfully.

Minimize the HTTP Requests
Instead of reducing the use of images and other files on your website that requests HTTP all the while, you can begin by combining the various CSS files. This would reduce the request without having to reduce the actual count of files. Again you can reduce the size of the files and use CSS sprites instead. This would also reduce the number of requests.

Content Delivery Network
When you are indulging in CMS Website Development Company in India, you will need to distribute the content using content delivery network. This way you will see that the load of content is not being observed by the website, which eventually speeds up the loading time. You will need to work on how fast the content is delivered along the output.

Scripts at Bottom
With the scripts moved to the bottom of the web page, you will see that they enable the progressive rendering of your website. It is also good if you want to achieve download parallelization. When you use progressive rendering with style sheets, it waits till all the style sheets have been downloaded

Minimize the JavaScript & CSS
This is especially true when you are indulging in Ecommerce Website Development Company in India. You will see that the use of images, JavaScript and CSS is high on an ecommerce website. The size of these files when large can contribute towards slower loading time. This is why you need to keep their sizes to a minimum. This will help the website load faster.

Style sheets at the Top
This is typically true of the Responsive Website Development Company in India. You will see that when style sheets are kept to the top, the progressive rendering is enabled and the load time is fast. If you want your websites to load faster, you will need to keep the style sheets at the top of the website

Reduce the DNS Lookups
It is always necessary for the web server to associate the DNS name with the IP server before it loads. If the DNS is cached, the lookups can be reduced and the site can load faster. Follow these tips during website development for faster loading times.

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